Your App Lady The Podcast: Episode 50 -An App to Organize Your Medical Records – Backpack Health and Facebook Breach


Welcome to Episode Number 50!  

Today on the podcast, I talk about an app that helps organize medical records. 

But first, here is a little tech news for you. 

The news is from:

Facebook was recently hacked and some information may have been compromised. When I went to look at my Facebook page, I had to re-enter my password. You may have noticed the same thing. You may want to change your password. Also make sure you are logged out of Facebook on all your devices. There are detailed steps in the article. Read the article to get the complete details.

The featured app today is Backpack Health. I interviewed Brett Collinson about this great app. It is the app I am using to replace CareSync. Brett and I worked together to figure out how to export the data from CareSync to Backpack Health and we discussed it in the interview.

Brett is the SVP for Product at Backpack Health. He is an award-winning designer with over 25 years of experience designing and building digital products in healthcare, finance, education, automotive, publishing, utilities and online marketplaces. A founding leader with two healthcare startups, Brett has a background in and works at the intersection of psychology, software engineering and design.

Backpack Health is a health tech company building tools to help people manage their health details, care and communication. We believe everyone should be able to track their own health comprehensively, and do the same for the people they care about – no matter what their health concerns are, no matter what family means to them, and no matter what language they speak – all in one place.

Backpack Health has a special offer for Your App Lady listeners! They are offering us free access to the PRO version of the app. The promo code is YOURAPPLADY – for free access to the PRO version. It can only be applied when logged into the web version of Backpack Health (, not the iOS or Android versions, but once applied you can use any version of Backpack to access your information. Go to the website. and create an account and use the promo code YOURAPPLADY. After you have created your account, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and use your login to open your account in the app.

iOS App Store:

Android Play Store:

Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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