Your App Lady The Podcast 047 – ACT The App Association Summer App Guide, Car2Go and Hear From Your VIPs Even On Do Not Disturb


Welcome to Episode Number 47!

Today on the podcast, I talk  about the App Association’s Summer Guide and one of my favorite apps.

But first, here is a little tech news for you.

The news is from:

Car2Go expands to Chicago. Now with 25 locations in cities across the US, I see Car2Go cars everywhere!

Car2Go announced this week that it has started a car-sharing program in Chicago. The Chicago fleet has 400 cars with models are split between the Smart Fortwo and the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and GLA-Class . With the focus on urban transportation, having small vehicles is important making it easier to park. Car2Go doesn’t have set pickup or drop-off points. When you drive a Car2Go vehicle, you can leave it in either designated Car2Go spots or residential permit spaces, whenever you want. The price you pay is based on how long you’ve used it. The price also includes insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking. However, the car has to be dropped off within a 29-square-mile “home area” that stretches from Cermak in the south to Foster in the north, and from Kimball and Homan in the west to Lake Michigan in the east. The app will let you know if you are within that zone. There are no monthly or annual fees for Car2Go, but there is a one-time $5 signup fee, although that fee will be waived for folks who sign up before Aug. 23 and use a code. Early adopters will also get a $15 credit for future rentals.


App: Story Dice by Thinkamingo available for Android, Kindle Fire, Nook and iPhone/iPad

Story Dice is one of my favorite apps and was featured in the ACT The App Association Summer Guide. I also talked about it on Episode 23

GrillTime is the perfect app for your next barbeque. With more than 100 different foods to choose from, just select the type of meat, thickness of the cut and desired level of doneness. GrillTime will recommend the perfect time and temperature for your meat.

PackPoint Premium is a packing assistant app. Add trip details – from dates of travel, to events on the itinerary, to travel type – and PackPoint tells you exactly what to bring! PackPoint also saves packing lists, allowing you to easily replicate packing lists from previous trips.

The tip today is from:

The Do Not Disturb feature, found in slightly different variations on Android and iOS devices, mutes calls, notifications and alerts. You can adjust the settings to let calls from certain people through even in the Do Not Disturb setting. You just need to make sure the people you want to hear from are on your list of favorite contacts.


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