Game Apps for Older Adults – Braintraining and More!


There are so many fun games available for phones and tablets. We know that keeping your brain active is vital to brain health. When waiting for an appointment or when relaxing, game apps are easy to pull up and play for short periods of time.  Game apps range from new games to virtual versions of familiar games and from number based, word based, physics, problem solving and more. 

My Recommendations: 

Words With Friends by Zynga – IPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows

Words with Friends is a game similar to Scrabble. It is a word game that can be played alone or with others online. You can play with real life friends that also sign up to play the game through the app. You can also find other players online through the app’s Community Match. The app also includes a dictionary feature and a Word of the Day that increases your vocabulary. Words with Friends is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian and Portuguese. 

Scrabble by Electronic Arts – iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire

The Scrabble app is very similar to the Scrabble board game. Scrabble can go with you when you play on your phone. Scrabble can be played alone or with friends online.  The app includes an onboard dictionary, in game word list and the Best Word feature. If you like quick and competitive games, there is also a Speed Play mode. The app is available in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Brazilian.

UNO & Friends by Gameloft – iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire 

UNO & Friends is based on the card game UNO. The game doesn’t require any reading. It is a matching game based on numbers and colors. The app can be played as a solo player, 

Solitaire – All Platforms 

There are many versions of Solitaire apps for all platforms including web and all phones and tablets. Solitaire is great for those items when you are waiting for an appointment or you need an activity to fill time. The apps are played exactly like the real card game but with virtual cards rather than actual cards. 

Rush Hour by ThinkFun – iPhone, iPad and Android 

Rush Hour is also based on a real game. The original game has cards and small plastic cars. Each card shows a different puzzle and you place the cars on the card to form the puzzle. Then you have to solve the puzzle by moving the parked cars so your car can exit. The app is very similar. On the app, you can choose your difficulty level and then start working through the puzzles. This is my mom’s favorite game app. She is 82 but it is great for all ages of kids and adults. 

Cut the Rope by ZeptoLab    iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire 

This is a free game app that uses the properties of physics for game play. The point of the game is to help the little monster named Om Nom to get his candy. His candy is hanging from ropes that form the puzzles. You have to figure out which ropes to cut to get the candy to his mouth. 

Clue Word by Pokami – iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire 

Clue Word is a fun word game. It is a blend of crossword puzzles and word searches. Each round has eight clues for eight words that can be solved using the letters provided in a letter bank. The game gets progressively more difficult as you progress through the levels.

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