Apps That Encourage AAC Use Part 4

A4AEFB25-94AF-4B5A-873F-662C7030F56BApps That Encourage AAC Use Part 4

I love apps!  I am actually obsessed with apps!  I run my business with apps and my iPads and I love using apps in therapy. Find out more about all the apps I love on and my Your App Lady Facebook page.

Apps are great for encouraging kids and adults to practice and use their AAC systems. While you can use almost any app to encourage AAC, these are some of the apps that I particularly like using in speech therapy for AAC use. 

There are quite a few skills that are really important to work on when using AAC.  These include motor skills and speech/language skills. There are so many apps that help with these skills but it is very hard to navigate the app market, 

Here are a few of my very favorite apps that address one of these skills, scrolling.


The next skill is similar to touch and drag. It is scrolling.

Scrolling is simply dragging your hand across the screen to make the screen move, or scroll over. To scroll, you do not have to touch the screen in a specific place which is what differentiates it from touch and drag. You just have to touch the screen and move it over. This is another skill that is not seen in the real world very often. It needs to be taught on a touchscreen device.

Children with fine motor skills have difficulty learning this just because they have to coordinate their cognitive thoughts with the movement of their hand, 

and that can be very difficult for them.

It is a very important skill to learn when using an augmentative communication device touchscreen because you have to be able to scroll to get to all your vocabulary.

Cars in Sandbox: Construction by Thematica is a great app to use to practice scrolling. I love this app  because it is a fun app with many scrolling options.

You take a construction truck through a sandbox and do all sorts of fun activities with it.

My PlayHome by PlayHome Software is another one of my very favorite apps. I love this app for so many reasons. You can use it to practice  scrolling because you have to scroll around the house. It is also great for vocabulary development.

To find more tips and tricks for encouraging AAC and helping your child use technology to communicate, read my book Talking With Tech: Solutions for Children and Adults Who Are Nonverbal

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