Another Meditation App for Kids and Adults and An iPhone Mystery Solved!


Welcome to Episode Number 41! 

Today on the podcast, I  talk about one of my favorite apps for life. 

But first, here is a little tech news for you. 


Lyra Health raises $45M to create a smart network for treating mental health problems

This app and service partners with employers to help their employees securely and confidentially understand what kind of treatment they need to seek if they feel like they are suffering from any mental health problems.

They have built a secure and confidential place where an employee can go and answer some questions that relate to their symptoms, severity, treatment preferences and use technology to match them for the right care.


Zen Studio by Edoki Studio – iPhone and iPad 

This is an active meditation app that helps adults and children find serenity through creation. It is a geometric finger painting app designed to help children relax and focus. 

Tech Tip 

Finally, an Answer to This Annoying iPhone Mystery

While I love the iPhone’s accept/decline buttons when you get an incoming call, it seems inconsistent in when it appears. This article explains why you only see the accept/decline buttons part of the time. Frequently, you see the slide-to-answer feature instead of the accept/decline buttons.

This article explains that the answer is simple. If your iPhone is unlocked while receiving a call, you will  see accept and decline buttons on your screen. If it is locked, you will see the slider.

Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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