My PlayHome App: A Video Review


I love the My PlayHome Apps. The app I am reviewing today on video is the first in the series, My PlayHome.  It is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Fire and Windows.


This is  one of my favorite apps. This app is a virtual dollhouse.

You choose the members of the family and then can move the dolls around the house.  Many actions can be done with the dolls including jumping, eating, bathing and sitting.  You can use it to practice scrolling as you move the dolls around the house.

It is also great for vocabulary development.

The app can be used to follow directions and for prepositions and action words.

Also available:

My PlayHome Hospital by Playhome Software – iOS, Android, Fire OS and Windows

My PlayHome School by PlayHome Software – iOS, Android and FireOS

My PlayHome Stores by PlayHome Software -iOS, Android and FireOS

My PlayHome Hospital, Stores and School apps can be played alone or in tandem with My PlayHome.  If the apps are loaded on the same device, the dolls can be moved from the home to the school or stores or hospital.  Or through all four environments.  All four apps are fantastic for children in the preschool ages through elementary school.  These apps are excellent bang for your buck!

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