Your App Lady: The Podcast Episode 40- Bear: A New Note App and MicroSoft Embraces Accessibility


Welcome to Episode Number 40! 

Today on the podcast, I will talk about one of my favorite apps. 

But first, here is a little tech news for you. 


Microsoft’s Nadella thinks AI can improve tech for people with disabilities

The tech giant Microsoft announced on May 7, 2018 that they have launched a $25 million, five-year program to encourage software and device developers to design products using artificial intelligence are aimed at the disabled community. AI or artificial intelligence could enable apps that describe what people see, better text-to-speech technology and predictive text so people don’t have to type as much. This is fantastic news for the tech community and the special needs/disability community. 

The Microsoft app for iPhones called Seeing AI is an awesome app that narrates the view for people who are blind or have vision disorders. It can read text and handwritten notes. It can describe an object or a scene. 


Bear – iPad, iPhone and Mac 

Bear is a new note taking and writing app. It includes a focus mode and also allows you to use a variety of fonts. Advanced markup options and full in-line image support sets this apps apart from other apps. You can also add files, links and written notes within you Bear note. You can view word count while type in the app.

The app allows you to share you Note as a PDF or Word doc. 

The app has some accessibility features such as a high contrast mode and the Open Dyslexic font. The app also allows text to speech. 

Tech Tip 

How to Store All Your Photos and Videos in the Cloud

Uploading photos to the cloud has a couple of advantages over storing them on your device:

1. You can easily share the albums with others. 

2. You can access the photos and videos at any time and on other devices as long as you have an Internet connection. 

3. You have a backup of all your photos in case something happens to the copy on your device. 

Apple has iCloud Photo Library. I use iCloud to store my photos and also to sync them on my various devices. I have purchased some extra iCloud storage so I have plenty of room for all my photos and videos. The photos and videos are uploaded automatically to iCloud once the feature is enabled.

For non-Apple users and Apple users, there are quite a few other options. The most popular choices here are Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive or Flickr. I upload all my photos to Dropbox in addition to iCloud. Dropbox can also be configured to automatically backup your photos from your phone.

Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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