Your App Lady The Podcast: Episode 38 – My Favorite Apps for People Who are Nonverbal and AAC Consulting

B0257674-1154-45D8-A0E2-BDDBDE1D53C7Welcome to Episode Number 38! 

Today on the podcast, I’m talking about AAC or Augmentative Communication. I have been passionate about providing clients with AAC for 26 years! 

My favorite apps for AAC are ProLoQuo2Go and ProLoQuo4Text.  ProLoQuo2Go is icon based and doesn’t require reading or spelling. ProLoQuo4Text is a text to speech app and requires the user to type and spell. Find out more about them at 

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Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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Voice over work by John Swasey – VO Producer -281-794-6551

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