Your App Lady – The Podcast Episode 37: Apple’s Airport Express, Mobile Passport App, and How Often Should You Change Your Passwords When Traveling

Your App Lady 

Show Notes 

Series 1 Episode 37

Welcome to episode 37 of the Your App Lady Podcast!

All about apps and tech that I love and use every day.

On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip.

Tech News

The tech news today comes from 

This article about travel gadgets has several interesting products. 

My favorite is Apple’s Airport Express.

This is an awesome WiFi solution for anyone who spends time in hotels. The Airport Express functions as a wireless base station. Plug the Ethernet cable (usually located on the desk in a hotel room) into the Airport Express and then plug the Airport Express into a wall outlet and you will have access to your own WiFi network. Add a password and you will have a secure network that you can share with only the people you are traveling with. 

For more information:,28804,1827576_1827591_1827971,00.html

Another interesting gadget is this Swissbit Swiss Army knife. It has a 1GB usb flash drive along with the typical Swiss Army knife components. You can remove the flash drive so you can get through security. 

For more information:,28804,1827576_1827591_1828238,00.html

Featured App: Mobile Passport App

Available for iPhone and Android.

MPC enables U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to expedite their entry process into the U.S. by simplifying the associated administration functions. Travelers may use the app to submit their passport and declaration information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) via their mobile device instead of completing the traditional paper form. The app does not require pre-approval and is free to use. The app is authorized by CBP and is sponsored by the Airports Council International-North America, Boeing, and the Port of Everglades (PEV).

Tech Tip 

This tech tip is from 

Kevin Emert, Chief Information Security Officer at  Scripps Network Interactive, suggests that you change your password when traveling. He recommends changing the passwords on any accounts you use on the trip before you leave and again as soon as you return. This is especially important for international travel.

For more information:

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