Your App Lady – The Podcast Episode 35: An Interview with the Founder of Wellbeyond: a Meditation App for Kids: Mike Sax

Your App Lady 

Show Notes 

Series 1 Episode 35

Welcome to series 1 episode 35 of the Your App Lady Podcast!

All about apps and tech that I love and use every day.

On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip.

Tech News

This article lists a variety of apps that help kids manage their anxiety. 

Both adults and kids can benefit from meditation. 

For kids as young as 2 years old, practicing healthy emotional habits like mindfulness can help them build their mental resilience. This allows them to handle whatever life throws at them when they’re older. There is a huge body of research that suggests that mindfulness meditation can be an effective tool for kids with anxiety, ADHD, depression and other mental health diagnoses. Our smartphones and tablets are great tools to deliver meditation content. This list includes Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids and other great apps.

Be sure to check them out!

For more information:

Featured App: Wellbeyond: Meditation for Kids

By Wellbeyond Inc. 

This app has beautiful graphics and was designed to help kids meditate. It’s a wonderful app for parents and kids to use together. 

The app contains guided meditations for kids that are also useful for adults. There are a variety of topics to choose from such as focus, centering and sleep.

You can find the app here:

Today’s podcast is an interview I did with Mike Sax, the founder of Wellbeyond Inc. 

Follow Mike:

Twitter: @MikeSax

Medium: Mike Sax


Tech Tip

The tech tip today is from me! The app, Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids, is such a wonderful app for children and adults to use for meditation. My tip today is to think about how you can use your phone for health and wellness. In this digital world, we all need to slow down and meditation is so helpful. You can also use your smartphone to track your exercise and food intake, track your sleep cycles and listen to relaxing audiobooks or music. 

Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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