Your App Lady – The Podcast Episode 28: A New iPad, Vivino For Your Wine Choices, and QR For Home WiFi

Your App Lady 

Show Notes

Series 1 Episode 28

Welcome to series 1 episode 28 of the Your App Lady Podcast!

All about apps and tech that I love and use every day.

On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip.

Tech News

Apple’s Education Announcements

The star of the announcement was the new “affordable” iPad with stylus support. Affordable is in quotations because it costs $299 for schools, but $329 for everyone else — the same price as iPad’s 9.7-inch tablet announced last spring. The biggest update with this iPad is that it’ll finally work with the $99 Apple Pencil ($89 for students / teachers), which was previously only supported by the iPad Pro.

Most of the updates are in the software, with a new version of iWork that incorporates support for, of course, the Apple Pencil. Pages, for example, now include a Digital Book Creation tool that lets teachers and students build books together by adding pictures, handwritten notes, and hand-drawn illustrations. Numbers can now be used to create lab reports, and Clips will get new kid-friendly filters to encourage them to express themselves digitally.

Notably, teachers will also be able to mark up documents on Pages with the Apple Pencil, similar to how they might grade a paper.

A new app, Schoolwork, is designed for teachers to manage their classroom digitally. Schoolwork allows teachers to hand out digital assignments to students, such as homework, activities, and mark due dates on various projects.

“Everyone Can Create,” essentially bills the new iPad as the ultimate creative classroom tool for students to learn and express themselves. The curriculum focuses on four areas: music, video, photography, and drawing, with tools like Clips and GarageBand

For more information:

Featured App: Vivino

Free for both Android and iOS.

A wine companion app, Vivino (Android, iOS) boasts a photo label recognition system that can quickly bring up information for a given wine, complete with reviews, ratings and tasting notes. If the app can’t automatically identify a particular vintage, Vivino’s own team of wine experts can manually identify it for you with time. In addition to label scanning, users can browse the app’s database of wine reviews, save their favorite wines, get recommendations for wines from within the app and find out where to buy wines nearby. You now can order wines within the app in supported countries, with a premium tier offering its members free shipping.

Tech Tip

Use this site to generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi network. It will require the network name, password, and network type. Print out the QR code and attach it to your wall. Have Android friends scan the QR code to automatically configure your Wi-Fi network’s settings on their phones. BAM!

Go here to get it:

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