Apps for Productivity- Last Pass, Swype Alternatives


Welcome to Episode Number 16. a part of series number 3 all about Apps for Productivity! 

Today on the podcast, I will talk about one of my favorite apps for productivity  

But first, here is a little tech news for you. 

Tech News: 

The app Swype, a keyboard app is gone.  Swype is a popular Android app that allowed you to type by swiping your fingers across the keyboard. This gesture typing app has been extremely popular. It was also a great keyboard for many users with special needs and was easy to use w a single hand.

LifeHacker suggests that Android users who liked Swype use SwiftKey or the default Google keyboard. For iOS, iPad and iPhone, users, they suggest SwiftKey or Google’s Gboard. All of these apps offer swipe typing and predictive text.

Featured App: Last Pass 

LastPass is available for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android and it is also available for web browsers. 

LastPass is a password storage vault. LastPass generates and stores unique passwords for all your logins. It can also be used to automatically fill in online forms. LastPass allows you to share passwords for single websites with your family or coworkers without jeopardizing security for other sites.  

Tech Tip: 

Moving your landline number to a mobile phone is possible! This is great news for me as we are about to (finally) get rid of our landline. If you are staying in the same area, your cellphone carrier can move your landline number over to mobile for you. You are also able to move or “port” your mobile number to a new cell services. 

Thanks for listening to Your App Lady today! 

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