Your App Lady – The Podcast Episode 2: Voxer, The Apple Heart Study and Saving Battery Power


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Your App Lady
Show Notes Series 1 Episode 2
Welcome to series 1 episode 2 of the Your App Lady Podcast! All about apps and tech that I love and use every day.
On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip.
Tech News
Apple Watch used to track heart irregularities, seizures, mental health issues, and more. The conducted a study with the second version of the Apple Watch. The study is not applicable to the first version.
I may need to get a new watch!!!
“Late last month, Apple launched a new study in partnership with Stanford University, one of many studies the company has embarked on since the device’s 2015 launch, that will track Apple Watch users’ heart rhythms for irregularity. This type of data collection can be done with the current model’s heart rate monitor, but more advanced forms of tracking and testing, like EKGs, would require all new hardware and software. On the same day, the Federal Drug Administration cleared the Apple Watch’s first medical device accessory, an EKG reader built into a watch strap from medical device company AliveCor. Down the line, it seems like Apple wants as much of this technology built into the watch as possible, contingent only on what is actually feasible given current hardware and software constraints.” Studies are also being done for detecting seizures, mental health issues etc. Read more at
App of the Week: Voxer by Voxer Pro LLC
For iPhone, Android and a web app.
Voxer works like a walkie talkie, using WiFi or cellular, but it is otherwise free (the paid version is $3.99 and includes more features like transcription and the ability to recall a message). Voxer is great for conversations without the need for the other person (or people, for groups) to be listening at the same time.
You send a voice message and the recipient can listen and respond when it’s convenient for them. You can also send text, photo and video over Voxer.
The Voxer messages are encrypted end to end
I use the free version.
Voxer has been key to my productivity and support in my business. My admin and I use Voxer for quick and easy communication. This is our primary method of communication, and we are able to go back and read or listen to messages as needed.
I also use Voxer to communicate with my business coach, mentors and business friends. I can send them questions, messages and wins and they can respond when it is convenient. This keeps the communication functional without interrupting them when they are working.
Find out more about Voxer at

Tech Tip
How to save battery power on your iPhone or iPad.
Save your battery power by turning on “Low Power Mode”:
Click on Settings —>
Click on Battery —>
Find Low Power Mode – make sure this is switched on and you see the green button.

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