Math For 4 and 5 Year Olds? I’ve got some apps for that!


Updated 12/4/17: My book on apps for young kids is available on Amazon for Kindle.  You can read Kindle books from your computer or on the free Kindle app on your phone or iPad/tablet.

Here is how you can get the book:

I am writing a book about apps for kids between the ages of 0 and 6!  Here is a preview of my recommended apps for 4 and 5 year olds in the area of math!  All of these apps are fun AND educational.

Dragon Box Numbers – iOS, Android and Fire OS
This app works on number sense through game play. The app teaches the relationships between numbers and isn’t based on memorization of math facts.

Hungry Numbers and Hungry Fish by Motion Math – iOS, Android, FireOS and Windows
These apps are both wonderful for teaching early math concepts. Hungry Guppy starts by using dots to symbolize numbers. Hungry Guppy begins with matching dots to the same number of dots. The game advances as the child is successful. In Hungry Guppy, children move to addition with dots and also matching dots to numerals. Hungry Fish is more advanced and begins with matching numbers. Hungry Fish progresses through addition, subtraction and negative numbers. These are apps with a large amount of content. They both will challenge your child for many months.

Marble Math Jr by Artgig – iOS, Android, Fire OS
This math app is based on the Common Core Standards. It is game based and works on math skills from kindergarten to second grade levels. Concepts included are shape recognition and matching, sequencing numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication to 100, fractions, money skills, telling time and addition equations. The app doesn’t require the user to be able to read.

Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose – iOS, Android and Fire OS
This app combines pretend play (pet care) with math practice! It matches Common Core Standards from kindergarten through fourth grade. Game play for younger children includes addition, number lines and concepts of area.

Happi 123 by Happi Papi – iOS
Happi 123 is another game based math app. It has great graphics and is fun to play. The app addresses counting, addition, subtraction, number series and pattern recognition. There are multiple levels making it work for children of varying ages and keep a child’s interest for many months.

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