Organizational Apps? I’ve Got A Chapter for That! Part 1

imageEarlier this year, I was asked to write a chapter about apps for a book on ADHD and Organization authored by Lisa Woodruff. I was so honored to be asked and jumped at the chance! The book is now available on Amazon.
How ADHD Affects Home Organization: Understanding the Role of the 8 Key Executive Functions of the Mind


This is a sneak peek into some of the information available in the book. I will write several blog posts on the different types of apps that I addressed in the book. Please read the book for more information. The apps and Lisa’s organizational tips are great for everyone not just those diagnosed with ADHD.

Look for my own book on using apps to improve your life that will be published in the early fall of 2017!!!!

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Note-Taking and List Apps

Apps that help you build lists or take notes are priceless! If you have trouble remembering what you need to do or keeping track of items you have or need, a note-taking or list app can be a lifesaver.

When looking at note taking and list apps, look for these features:

Flexible List Types
Auto-Archive Feature
Delete Protection
Location Reminders
Color Coding


My Recommendations:

Orderly – To-Do Lists, Location-Based Reminders by Tekton Technologies (P) Ltd.
Available for iOS.
This app is very visual. You can create cards for each task list and prioritize them. You can set a time and date deadline or a location reminder for each task. You can also add recurring tasks and set reminders for them. Entries are searchable.

Notes by Apple
Preinstalled on all Apple devices.
Notes is a staple in my life! I jot down ideas on the Notes app daily. The app allows typed notes as well as hand-drawn ones. You can also attach web links and photos. The app also has a list-building feature that inserts checkboxes. You can share a note, and the person you share with can edit the note. You can also send your note via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, What’s App, LinkedIn, Trello and more. The notes are searchable, too!

Reminders by Apple
Preinstalled on all Apple devices.
Reminders allows you to make lists and set reminders and share these items with others. You can also set location-based reminders with this app.

NINE – A Visual To-Do and Reminder List by Ideas Made Digital
Available for iOS.
NINE is a photo-based list app, meaning you take photos to make your list. Each photo is then paired with text and put into an icon-based list. You can add a date and/or time-based reminder; recurring reminders are also supported. The app automatically adds a location to your entry. You can send your entries to other people via text message, email, Voxer, What’s App, Twitter, Facebook and more. You can also copy your entries into the Reminders app, the Notes app, Google Drive, Asana and more.

Cozi Family Organizer by Cozi, Inc.
Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and at
Cozi is a very robust app that includes to-do lists, shopping lists, a recipe and meal planner, and a family journal. It is easily shareable with its family sharing feature. Our family uses the Cozi app for all our grocery lists. I add items to the grocery list, and my husband can then open the app on his phone and see my list while he is shopping. I use the to-do lists for all my packing lists. I can check off items as I go and then clear the checkmarks to use the list for a subsequent trip. The calendar feature on this app can be used with other online calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar and Windows Live. Cozi is a great tool, but because it is so feature-rich, it can be confusing for some people..

Evernote by Evernote Corporation
Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and at
Evernote is also web-based so it can be used on a Mac or PC computer. Evernote is another app that is very feature-rich. I had to watch some YouTube videos to feel comfortable using it. However, once you learn to use the features, it is life changing! Evernote saves notes. The notes can be comprised of a to-do list, a reminder, a photo of a sketch, or a photo of a handwritten note. These notes can be tagged and stored within folders in the app. You can also save webpages within Evernote. Evernote allows you to email notes to the app – even forwarded emails. Everything is searchable once it is in the app. Anything stored in the app is immediately accessible via all devices with Evernote installed.


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