Does Your Child Have Difficulty Producing Some Sounds? I’ve Got Apps For That!

Updated 12/4/17

i have written a book on using apps for speech therapy. The book is available on Kindle on  You can read Kindle books on your computer or through the free Kindle app on your phone or iPad/tablet

Here is the link:


Many kids have difficulty producing speech sounds correctly.  They often need speech therapy.  Articulation is the technical term for the production of speech sounds.  Articulation therapy can be tedious and boring.


The iPad is great for articulation practice!  The iPad makes drill much less boring and more interesting.  There are many great apps out there developed for articulation practice and many that can be adapted for articulation practice.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Speech Cards Pro –

This app allows you to make your own card decks for articulation and other language activities.  You can record your voice to play with the card.  There is also a microphone function that allows the child to record and playback their voice for self awareness of their sound production.

Photo Buttons by Software Smoothie –

This is one of my all time favorite apps!  This app is fully customizable.  It is a simple cause and effect interface.  When the child presses the screen, a button pops up.  When you tap the button, it turns over and a picture and sound are revealed.  I use this for articulation by making custom buttons for the child’s articulation sounds.  For example, all the buttons could be words that start with “r” for a child who needs to work on articulation of “r”.

Write My Name –


This app is designed to use for handwriting and learning to spell/write your name.  However, because it is fully customizable, you are able to use it for articulation  practice as well!  You can add words and photos using target sounds.  The child then practicing writing each word.  The app vocalizes each sound and then your can record your voice saying the complete word.

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