Bullet Journaling! It’s Not An App!

I know you are all wondering why your app lady is using a paper journal. After years of being as paperless as I could get, I decided I needed some paper… I used the Notes app on my iPhone and iPads for my To Do list but it’s just not satisfying to check things off the list when you can’t physically make that mark with a pen. I am that crazy person who occasionally adds tasks that I already did to a To Do list so I can mark it off and seeing a physical representation of what I have accomplished. I didn’t have the same feeling using an app.
I still keep all my appointments and important information in the cloud on my iPhone and iPads. I use my Bullet Journal for my To Do lists, to plan my week and my days and to remind me to do my daily habits (exercise, write, declutter etc). It is also a creative outlet for me. I love my Bullet Journal! I usually have it with me but I also love knowing that I don’t rely on it for the vital info. If I lost it, I would be sad but I wouldn’t be lost. I could easily start a new one.

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