Fun and Learning for Little Kids? I’ve Got Apps for That!


Updated 12/4/17: My book on apps for young kids is available on Amazon for Kindle. You can read Kindle books from your computer or on the free Kindle app on your phone or iPad/tablet.

Here is how you can get the book:

The app market for children under the age of 5 is huge. I have many favorites and will share some of those today. It is overwhelming to go into the App Store and hunt for good apps. Here are some I have found for you and your child between the ages of 18 months and three years! I recommend you play this apps with your child to build your relationship and their skills.
Peek A Boo Sesame – This app incorporates the Sesame Street characters in a simple cause and effect game. The characters knock on the door and the child taps the door to open it and reveal the character. While knocking, the character also makes a sound. I love this aspect of the app because you can try to guess who is behind the door!
Injini – This is one of my very favorite apps! Injini is an app suite that contains 12 games. These games each have 9 levels and each target a developmental skill. From puzzles to tracing to a visual memory game, this app is rich with games targeting many skills and levels.
Baby Rattle Toy – This app is a simple cause and effect app that is motivating without being over stimulating. When the child touches anywhere on the screen, an animal appears. A moon is swirling around the screen, when the child touches the moon, it moves faster and the music plays faster.
SoundTouch – This is a cause and effect app that also teaches vocabulary. The app has six categories (animals, zoo animals, birds, vehicles, musical instruments and household items). The screen shows between four and twelve icons (this is adjusted through your iPad settings). As the child touches an icon, a real photo opens up. There are four photos for each icon so this helps with generalization (i.e. The child learns that big and little dogs are dogs). The app can show text if chosen (also in your iPad settings) and will play the label as well as a sound.

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