Disorganization At School? I’ve Got Apps For That!

Executive Functioning is the set of skills that keep us focused, organized and allow us to things done. We all need help with executive functioning skills at one time or another. Some kids need many supports in the area of executive functioning to keep the, successful in the classroom and at home.
Inspiration Maps – a graphic organizer that instantly makes an outline from your graphic organizer
Popplet – a simple graphic organizer
Explain Everything – interactive white board app that allows you to video record the screen as you annotate on photos or documents.
InClass – a digital agenda.
DropBox – an cloud storage app
EverNote – a cloud storage app that allows folders and tagging of posts as well as an email service that allows you to email documents to your Evernote account
Notes – an Apple app that keeps all the notes you jot down in one place – Notes can be synced on all your Apple devices.
Reminders – an Apple app that allows you to store reminders including geolocation reminders.
TimeTimer – a visual timer.
First Then Visual Schedule – a digital visual schedule
Remember the Milk
ChoiceWorks – a digital visual schedule.

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