Trouble Reading? I’ve Got An App For That!

Reading is such an important life skill but for many kids, it is a struggle. Children who have dyslexia, another learning disability, a vision disorder or are reluctant readers, often fall behind academically purely due to their reading skills. Apps can be extremely helpful for reading. My son has a vision disorder that makes reading very tiring for him. He often uses the app Audible or Read2Go to listen to audiobooks. He is also able to read the text along with the audio if he pair Audible with the Kindle app. This is a form of assisted reading and increases comprehension.
Read2Go is an app that pairs with the Bookshare program that provides audiobooks free of charge to US students with a print disabilities. Go to for more information. Read2Go is available iPhone and iPad. Go Read is a similar app for Android. Kindle and Audible are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and PC.

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