Need to Organize Your Medical Records? I’ve Got An App for That!

The app CareSync has changed our lives! I have a medically complex child who is 18. He has been hospitalized over 100 times and we have many many specialists. Keeping his medical records organized was a constant stressor until we found CareSync. CareSync is an app and website that allows you to carry your complete medical record with you, use reminders and trackers for appointments and medications and share your medical information with your healthcare professionals. The app is free and for no cost, you can scan and add your medical records into the system. CareSync also has a subscription service that is well worth the cost. There are two choices. For $129, you can get a one time health history. With this purchase, CareSync will collect, summarize and organize within their cloud service, all your medical records. They also provide a 60 day trial with a CareSync Plus Health Assistant for medical appointment scheduling and care coordination tasks. For my son, Henry, we subscribe to the CareSync Plus Concierge Service. It is $299 per year and they collect, summarize and organize all his medical records ongoing. We also have access to the health assistants with this plan. The records are then searchable and we are able to filter the results by provider and many other variables. They are also stored chronologically.
Since Henry’s medical records are all now in the CareSync system, they can be easily accessed from his iPhone, my iPhone or any computer. He is now able to share any part of his medical record through fax or email from the app. He is off at college now and this has allowed tremendous medical independence for him. It is also reassuring to me that wherever he goes, his medical records go as well.
CareSync is available for iPad, iPhone, Android and on the internet.

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